4 Create & Organize

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Practice Competency: Using the Tutorials Below as a Guide, Participants Should Do the Following

  1. Create a 'document' and name it  - 'Test Drive Last Name.'
  2. Create a folder and name it Test Drive Training.
  3. Drag and drop the 'Drive' document into the Drive Training Folder
  4. Star' the folder.

4.1 Create documents

To create a new file, click on:

1.  Create
2.  Select the document type (doc, presentation, etc)
3.  Name the document by clicking on 'Untitled Document'

4.2 Organize with Folders

Create folders to stay organized:
  1. Select Create
  2. Select 'Folder.'
  3. Name the Folder
To create a document in the folder, simply click on the folder and choose 'create.'  To move documents to a folder you can simple click, drag and drop.

4.3 Starred, Recent & Shared with Me

On the left hand side, below 'My Drive' there are several options.

Starred - like 'mail' you can 'star' docs for easy access
Recent - view most recently edited docs
Shared with Me -
view any documents or folders that have been shared with you by another Google Drive user. 

Create Folders

Starred, Recent, Shared with Me