3 Uploading Files & Folders

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Practice Competency: Using the Tutorials Below as a Guide, Participants Should Do the Following

1.  Modify their upload settings to 'Convert uploaded Files to Google Docs format'
2.  Upload (and convert) a document to the Google Drive Format
3.  Upload a 'folder' (and convert all contents) to Google Drive Format
4.  Open one of the Google Documents and Download it as a Word Document (File>Download As>.docx)

A.  Modify Upload Settings -

You choose, but it is recommended that you make sure 'convert uploaded files to Google Docs format' is checked as you cannot collaborate/edit a document in the cloud unless you do.  You can leave 'Confirm Settings' selected so you are prompted before each upload.

B.  Upload F
olders & Files
The beauty of Google Drive is that you can literally 'move to the cloud' in one swoop. Google Drive allows you to upload your files from your computer by folder or by file. So if you decide you want to put everything in Google at once you can easily do this or if you want to simply add a file, you can do that as well. 

C.  How to Export or Download a Document as a PDF or .DOC etc.
1. With the file open choose File>Download As and select the file type. Depending on the type of doc you have different file types will be listed but you always have to option of downloading as a PDF.

3.1 Manual Upload - Maintaining Native or Converting to Google Format

When you upload your files to Google Drive you have the option of immediately converting them to a Google Drive format or you can choose to keep them as their own file format such as a .doc file or .xls file. In order to edit and collaborate on a doc, you must convert it to a Google document.  
1.  In Google Drive Online click on the 'upload' icon to the right of 'Create'  
2.  In this example we will upload an entire folder twice - once we will convert to Google Drive and once we will maintain the formatting.
3.  The 'Upload Settings' box will appear - to convert the docs keep the box checked, to maintain the file format, uncheck the box.
4.  Leave the 'Confirm Settings Before Each Upload' checked.

3.2 Converting an uploaded file to Google Docs Format

You can convert a document after it has been uploaded to Google Drive by right clicking on the file and selecting 'Make a Google Docs copy' Your original file will be unaffected and a new Google Docs version will be created.

Practice:  Upload and convert a document and a folder of documents to the Google Drive Format.