3 Inserting Objects

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Assignment:  You will insert an images, word art hyperlinks, a table into your Training Document.  Follow instructions carefully!

3.1 Inserting Images

Upload image from your computer
1. Click on Insert>Image
2. Select 'Choose Image to Upload'
3. Locate the image on your computer, open, and select.

Add Image by URL
1.  Locate an image on the web in a new tab.
2.  Right click on the image& Select 'Copy image URL
4.  In the document, click on Insert>Image
5.  Select 'By URL' & CTRL + V to paste the URL.
7.  Choose Select.

Assignment:  Insert an Image from computer. Click on Fixed Position. Move it to the far right of your page.  Resize to about 1".

3.3 Insert a Drawing

You can insert a Text Box, Word Art, and Drawings this way:

1. Select Insert>Drawing.
2. You will be redirected to a drawing area where you can use Word Art, Line, Shapes, and other drawing tools to create your object.
3. When finished, click save and close.
4. To reposition or apply text wrap, click on Fixed Position and move to the desired location.

Assignment:  Insert a Word Art Drawing at the top of the page titled ' Basic Formatting' You will need to click on Fixed Position and then drag it to the top center of the page.

3.4 Insert a Hyperlink

Hyperlinks are easy to add to Google Documents.

1. Highlight existing text or simply click where you want the hyperlink to appear and select the hyperlink icon from the toolbar
2. Enter the 'text that you want to appear' and then paste the URL in the Web Address field.  
3. You can also link to email by selecting 'email' and entering the email addresses accordingly.

Assignment: At the top of your document add a hyperlink to www.google.com titled Google Search. Second, add a hyperlink to your email address titled 'Email me!'

3.5 Insert a Table

Tables are often used in documents to organize information on a page and are also used to create 'columns' in a Google document.  

1. Select Table>Insert Table
2.  Select the number of rows and columns you want to start with.

To format cells (hide borders, etc), select the table and then choose Table>Table Properties.

Assignment:  Above your hyperlinks, insert a one row, two column table.  Cut and paste your Google Search hyperlink into the left cell and cut and paste your email hyperlink into the right cell.

Insert Images

Insert Drawing

Insert Hyperlink

Insert Table