2 Basic Formatting

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Assignment in this lesson:  Use your Training Document that you created in Lesson 1 for the activities below.  You will change the margins, background color, copy and paste text into the document (from bottom of this page), format  headings and change line spacing to 1.5".

2.1 Format Page

Default page margins are 1", Portrait Orientation, and no background color. To change this:
  1. Select File>Page Setup

Assignment:  Change all the margins in your training document to 1.25"and make the background color a light blue.

2.2 Copy Paste

Get out of the habit of using right click or menus for copy/paste. Use these shortcuts (hold down the CTRL key & Letter at the same time)
  • CTRL + C = Copy
  • CTRL + V = Paste
  • CTRL + X = Cut
  • CTRL + Z = Undo
  • CTRL + P = Print

Assignment:  Copy and paste the text at the bottom of this page into your Training Document.

2.3 Clear Text Formatting

Many times the formatting in your document should be 'cleared' so you can start from scratch.  This is often required when converting an elaborately formatted from Microsoft Word to Google Format or after copy/pasting from another document.

Use 'Clear Formatting' to clear the formatting just the paragraphs of your document under each heading (watch video).

2.4 Basic Text Formatting

Editing text in a Google document is very similar to most word processing applications.  The toolbar at the top allows you to select 'styles' as well as 'clear formatting.'  You have the option to select the font type, size, format, and color.

Assignment:  Highlight the section headings andchange the style to Heading 2.

2.5 Paragraph Formatting

Paragraph formatting options can be found on the formatting toolbar. There you can select line spacing, alignment, bullets, numbering and indentation options.

Assignment:  Choose Edit>Select ALL and change the paragraph line spacing to 1.5

2.1 Page Setup

2.2 Copy & Paste - in the Cloud

2.3 Clear Text Formatting

2.4 Basic Text Formatting

2.5 Basic Paragraph Formatting