Google Drive for Learning & Collaboration

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Docs Study Guide (for Drive Exam)
Draw Study Guide (for Drive Exam)

Workshop: Documents for Leading & Learning

Document Formatting for 'Finished' Projects
  • Working with Fonts & Styles
  • Outline View
  • Voice Typing
  • Tables
  • Images
Document Template Options

Paperless Research Process
  • Research  Tool
  • Citation by Footnote
  • Easy Bib Add On
Sharing Documents
  • Email Collaborators
  • Email as an attachment
  • Publish  to the web vs. Public on the Web
  • Embedding into a Google Site (demo only)

Workshop: Documents for Beginners

In this Google Documents for Beginners
  • Create a Document
  • Basic formatting
    • Format Page
    • Copy Paste
    • Text Formatting
    • Paragraph Formatting
  • Inserting Objects
    • Insert Images
    • Insert 'Even More' Images with Research Tool
    • Insert a Drawing
    • Insert a Hyperlink
    • Insert a Table
    • Insert a Bookmark
  • Share and Collaborate - Review
  • Printing and Downloading - Review

Workshop: Docs & Draw for Research

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In this hands on 'hour' we will review how easy it is to 'faciliate' learning, have children 'construct' knowledge and complete the research cycle using Google Docs, Research Tool, Easy Bib Add On and Even Google Draw.  This can be done independently or collaboratively and can be applied to any curriculum area and most age levels!  

Activity overview
1.  Create a document and name it (optional: share with collaborator)
2.  Use Research tool to find a few fast facts on a topic, suggestion 'Water Cycle.'
3.  Adding Footnotes as you take notes.
4.  How to search for and add images.
5.  Install the Easy Bib Add On
6.  Create your Bibliography.
7.  Add Drawing to the Mix.
8.  Create a drawing (share with collaborator) and make public.
9.  Add drawing to web clipboard.
10.  Insert drawing to Document.
11.  Publish document or email as a 'pdf'
12.  Download the document.

Review other uses for drawing.