Chrome ~ It’s an App with Apps 
Chrome is another Google Application and part of your 1 sign in with so many benefits. Signing in to Chrome brings your bookmarks, apps, history, and other settings to all your devices and let’s face it, we live in a multi~device world (phone, tablet, computer, etc). Anything you update on one device instantly updates everywhere else, and your Chrome stuff is safe in case anything happens to your computer. It’s your web. Take it with you.

Getting Started with Your New Chromebook
  • What is Chrome OS, A Chromebook and Why?
  • Operate Chromebook Interface, Keyboard & Trackpad
  • How to Care for Your Chromebook (Video)
Chrome 101 ~ 
  • The Chrome Browser VS OS
  • Chrome Anatomy ~ tabbed browsing, pinned tabs, bookmarks bar
  • Understanding  Chrome Accounts vs. Multple gMail Sign In 
  • Useful Settings Options for Chrome 
  • Chrome Web Store
  • Chrome Apps ~ What & How to Install and Initialize for Use
    • Recommended Apps (examples)
  • Chrome App Extensions ~ What & How
    • Recommended Extensions   (examples)

Google's Official Edu Support (training with an EDU twist)

Google's Official Consumer Support (product knowledge only)
Chromebook Help Center
Chrome Help Center

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