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Create a Calendar

Create a Calendar

3.1  Create a New Calendar
Your Google Accounts automatically creates one primary account calendar for you.  However, you may want to have several calendars that reflect various roles of your life.  You might create a secondary calendar called 'Bills' that you keep private to you but separate from your primary calendar.  You might create a calendar for your Parent-Teacher organization that you share with other members of the PTO who can edit add events.   If you are a teacher you might create a 'homework calendar' for each class so you can make it publicly 'view only' and then 'embed on your website.'  There are many reasons why one may want to create additional calendars.

To Create a New Calendar, 
1.  Click on the dropdown arrow to the right of 'My calendars' and choose 'Create New Calendar'
2. Enter the Calendar name, Description, Location, and verify the time zone.
3. Click on Create Calendar

Action:  Create an additional calendar.  This can be a classroom, course, club or 'homework' calendar.  In the next lesson you will learn how to 'make it public.'