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7 Calendar Labs

Calendar Labs

Calendar Labs
Google Calendar 'Labs" give you an opportunity to add on features that Google Genius' have created but have not been added to default calendar features.  This lesson will provide an overview of a few key 'labs' that most find essential add-ons.

Hide Morning & Night
With this lab enabled you can hide the hours of the day that you are probably never going to make an appointment for - for example between 10pm and 4am - maybe even more.  Note:  To modify your 'hide morning and night settings, return to you calendar 'week view' scroll to the top and click and drag to make the consolidated hours earlier or later.
Year View
With one click see the whole year at a glance!
Jump to Date
Need to schedule or check a date far into the past or future?  Jump to date will do this for you.

Action:  Enable these calendar labs and modify the settings or use the feature.

Calendar Labs