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6 Share Calendars

Sharing Calendars

Share with others edit or view only
In 'Creating Calendars" you learned how to create secondary calendars and why you might do so.  In this lesson you will learn how to share calendars that you want others to view or even edit.  Using the 'Homework Calendar' you will learn how to make a calendar 'public.'   Using the Parent Teacher Organization calendar you will learn how to make a calendar public for viewing but allow specific people the ability to edit (create and modify events).  Finally we will show you how you can make your own calendar 'private' but share specifically with one person to 'view only.'

Homework Calendar - Make it Public View Only
1.  Click on to the right of the Homework for Algebra 1 and select 'Share this Calendar'.  
2.  Select 'Make this calendar public'
3.  Click on 'Save'  

Parent Teacher Organization
1.  Click to the right of the PTO calendar and select 'Share this Calendar.'
2.  Select 'Make this calendar public'
3.  Add the email addresses to the 'Share with Specific People' field and select the appropriate share setting.
4.  Click Save.

About Share Settings:

Full calendar view:  Show all event details
Full calendar access:  Make changes to events 
Full calendar ownership:  Make changes and Manage Sharing

4.2  Provide 'Access' to Public and Shared Calendars
Once you have made calendars public or shared them with others you need to provide 'access to the calendar.'  Using the homework calendar we will go to the 'Calendar Detail' and grab the 'embed code' option to 'embed' the calendars into a website.  In the 'Embed this Calendar' Click on 'Customize the color, size and options.'  Here you can choose the view options as well as the components that you can include or not.  Once complete, click on 'Update HTML' and then Copy the HTML Code.  Go to the Edit Mode of the website you would like to embed the calendar in and paste the code.  If you don't have a website, you can easily create one in 'minutes' using  Please see our Google Sites in Minutes tutorial for more. 

Action:  Make your new calendar public 

Share Google Calendar

4.2 Provide Access to Public and Shared.mp4