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Creating Events in Google Calendar

Creating a single event with start and end time
Sometimes you need to add a single event to a calendar and other times you need to add an event that repeats every week or twice a week.  You can begin creating an event by

You can create a single calendar event in several ways
  • Click on a date in your calendar
    If you click on a date in your calendar in week or day view you can add the event and click and drag on the time period you want to include.  
  • Select CREATE 
    By selecting 'CREATE' you are brought to the full edit area for the event.  There you can modify each detail of the event.
  • Create from the 'Calendar List'
    If you click on the arrow to the right of a calendar you can "Create an event on this calendar.'  This is a good choice if you have 'many calendars.'
  • Create using 'Quick Add'
    'Quick Add' is the powerhouse of shortcuts!  Quick Add lets you type a single sentence and the calendar will put all the information into the correct area of the event details (if you use the right 'operators.)  For example, if you want to schedule a meeting with Mrs. Smith at Park Street School on November 17th at 3:30pm you can right that in the quick add field and it will create the date and details for you!  Tips for using quick add:
    • What - enter the event title
    • When -  use a date or time expression (use 'at' such a time and/or 'on' Tuesday, Nov 12th)
    • Who - list emails following the term 'with' (these will be added to the guest list)
    • Where - use 'at' or 'in' and this detail will be found in the 'Where' section of the event details.
    • Multidays - enter the range such as 5/7 - 5/14
2.2  Create All Day and Multi Day Events
All Day Events and Events that Span over multiple dates are referred to as ALL DAY events.  There are several ways you can create an 'ALL DAY' event.

1.  The space at the top of your WEEKLY calendar (just below the day names) is where your 'All Day' events are posted.  You can select and drag your mouse over multiple days to schedule a multi-day event.  If you are in MONTH view you can click and drag over the dates to create a multiday event.
2.  You can also simple click on a date to create a new event and edit the event details.  Select 'All Day' and and edit your start and end dates.  Save.
3.  Select CREATE and edit the details of the event and selecting 'All day' with a designated start and end date.

Note:  All day events do not block out times on your calendar for that day.  If you don't want to be available for invitations, etc, select 'Busy' in the 'Show me as' menu.

Create Repeating Events
Often in life presents us with 'repeating' events (weekly guitar lessons, workouts, meetings, etc).  With the Google Calendar, you simply create the first event and then designate the repeated pattern and save it.  The event will then populate your calendar either indefinitely or until the end date you define.  

To create a repeating entry, being by 

1. 'Create' an event and going into event details.
2.  Select 'Repeat'
3.  Choose from daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly, every week day, every Tues/Thurs, every Mon, Wed, Fri
4.  Define the Start Date
5.  Select the end option of never, after x occurrences, or a specific date.
6.  When finished, select 'Done'
7.  Save your event.

Note:  MAX # of recurring events is 365.  After you have reached that limit you will need to create a new recurring event.

You can use quick add to create 'recurring events', for example 'Staff meeting at Park School every other Tuesday 3pm for 10 months'

Create an Event in Google Calendar

Creating Day Long, Multi Day Events

Creating Repeating Events