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Customize Views & Settings

Google Calendar allows you a variety of ways to view events including month, week, day and even 'agenda' view.  You can customize your calendar to display only weekdays or specific hours of the day.  

1.  For basic view changes, just click on the links in the top right hand corner. 

2.  To quickly customize your view, just click and drag on the mini-calendar from your desired start date to your desired end date.
3.  To change your default calendar view, click on the Gear and choose Settings.

 In General Settings, you can modify:

  • Language
  • Country
  • TimeZone
  • Date Format
  • Default Meeting Length
  • Week start day
  • Working hours
  • Event Dimming
  • Show Weekends
  • Default View (month, week, custom, agenda)
  • Custom view (4 days by default)
  • Location
  • Show weather
  • Show events you have declined
  • Auto add invites
  • Auto add Google+ hangouts to events I create
  • Alternate Calendar
  • Keyboard Shortcuts

Action:  Modify your Calendar Settings.

Calendar 'Views' & Customize Settings