Calendar 101

Learn how to use the Google Calendar with this quick start tutorial:

1 Login & Look Around Modify Settings  |  3 Create an Event  |  4 Invite Others  |  5 Create a Calendar  |  6 Share Calendars |  7 Calendar Labs  |  8 Sync

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Appointment Slots

Login & Look Around

Google Calendar boasts many advantages including:
  1. Sharing your calendar with others as viewers or editors.
  2. Calendars can be public or private, published to the web or embedded on web page.
  3. You can add others (coworkers, family, friends, organizations, schedules) to your Google Calendar in one click.
  4. Create invitations to events such as meetings or parties.
  5.  Create 'appointment' slots and allow others to sign up for a time to meet with you.
  6. Receive email and event notifications.  
  7. Customize with colors, icons (called 'event flair')
  8. Import events from other calendars - such as iCal or Outlook