This is run by one of our members but many of our members chip in with interesting websites for the two blogs.

Here is a short details list of our contents:

About --This page of Introduction
England --A little about the English
EU --Explaining what the EU is all about
Good News --Blog on how Britain is improving since Leavers won the referendum
Bad News --Blog on the obstructions non-believers of democracy are putting in Brexit's way
Politicians --Theresa May's first cabinet with photographs and Brexit positions
Propaganda --How powerful remainers bullied the voting public
Links --Useful links in the Brexit arena
Groups --Over twenty groups fighting to ensure Brexit happens
Action --How you can help us fight the good fight

We are busy reworking the Politicians website so as to list all the 59 people who voted recently to block Theresa May's attempt to continue with her plans to launch Article50 in March 2017. We hope to have this up in January 2017 and will add to it if there are more Brexit votes in Parliament.

Our web address is at www,

Andrew Ampers Taylor
West Finchley