Brexit Action Group

We are living in trying times.

Did we win Brexit?

Are the "Remain MPs", Theresa May is one of them, going to try and thwart us so we are kept in the EU against the will of the majority?

They are, according to the Conservative Chairman, already stretching invoking Article50 to GE2020 General Election)!

Technically, there can't be a General Election before 2020 but there are one or two ways in which it could be possible for Parliament to call an election earlier - some are thinking this could happen shortly in the new year.

We must be ready,

You must be ready!

We are looking for people, throughout Barnet, willing to be part of a team who meet on a weekday evening once a fortnight.
We are not looking for physical fighters but people who are far lest bothered on being politically correct and don't mind calling a spade a spade, or a wicked MP a bastard or a bitch!

There are plenty fighting an intellectual battle with members of parliament and the press, but they are not only small in number but have fixed ideas which don't appeal to the masses.

We have to concentrate on the "man in the street", whereas the MPs number in tens, the man in the street number in millions. This is where the fight will be won.

We need to show Brexit successes and the Cabinet's failures!

An allied website, WatchingUK does this, visit their website.

Come and join our group - details are posted here, look under "Next Meeting" in the "Site Contents" on the left.

B.A.G. is not affiliated to any political party
Andrew Ampers Taylor - Membership - Phone 0560 364 8591
(Cost as an 0845 number - rings home and mobile simultaneously)
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