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Master's Message:

Dear Fraters and Sorores,


Service may be defined as any action or inaction that is executed for the benefit of living or non living things. The action may be big issues like those taken on by Gandhi, Mother Theresa and Mandela, to name a few. The most supreme of service is selfless service which is service that is given out without expecting any returns back. Service is the engine of life because without service life cannot move forward. Nature embedded a cycle of service in creation to make sure creation continues. For example, the sun gives out light to living things; plants are nurtured by water and light from the sun; the earth provides nutrients for the plants; the plant in turn sheds its leaves to enrich the soil and also provide food for other living things. The cycle of service thus perpetually continues for the sustenance of life on the planet and in the universe as whole. Nature untiringly and continuously provides service to all living and non living things alike. The importance of service for our continued existence cannot be overemphasized.


Service must be selfless and transformative. It must be performed with the thought of greater good and love to those being served. True service has no ulterior motives but the well-being of those who are being served. Once you commit yourself to service you must not countenance failure for “...none of us can predict when the causes we support will capture the public imagination, and our once-lonely quests become popular crusades." (Loeb, 1999, p.106).


Service to humanity is indispensable. Every day, we are kept alive from visible and invisible acts of service. Nature plays its role, others work directly at offices and factories to provide service, others provide service through prayers and meditations and others provide service anonymously to maintain the lives of others. We should all commit ourselves to acts of selfless service for the good of humanity for, as Rosicrucians, the supreme of all our works is service.


With all wishes for peace profound


Peter Annor (PhD)

(past Master, R+C 3364)




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Karnak Chapter

Karnak Chapter