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In order to enhance your experience of membership in our Order, we encourage you to affiliate with a local AMORC group, or if a group does not already exist near you, you are most welcome to begin one in your community. Please visit the Rosicrucian Groups page to help guide you through the process.

Online Rosicrucian Community for Members


Members can use the Rosicrucian Community to contact members in their region and all over the jurisdiction of the English Grand Lodge for the Americas and Caribbean. Affiliated Bodies also use this site to announce their meetings and events. 

Grand Councilors Welcome Message...

Welcome to the Trinidad and Tobago Regional Website...

Greetings from all points of our Sacred Triangle.


It is my pleasure to welcome you to, and thank you simultaneously for, visiting the website for the Rosicrucian Order AMORC in Trinidad and Tobago. These two islands are part of the chain of Caribbean islands and are the most southerly of them all, being located seven miles off the north-east coast of South America in the Caribbean Sea.

            There are two Rosicrucian bodies located in this Nation. They are Kairi Lodge in Trinidad and the Tobago Atrium group in Tobago. The specific location of these centres of Rosicrucian activities can be found by referring to the maps on this site. The various activities which these groups conduct and their times can be found on each schedule of activities.

            Kairi Lodge in Trinidad takes its name from the ancient Amerindian name Kairi by which the island of Trinidad was known. We do not know what the name means.            

Whatever was the motivation that led you to this site, I hope that your desires were fulfilled; if not please contact us via our email and we will try to enhance our service to you.

            As you may be aware, the purpose of the Rosicrucian Order AMORC is to perpetuate the timeless spiritual wisdom of the Cosmic Christ so that the individual and Humanity can overcome the ignorance, intolerance and prejudices which we have imposed on ourselves during centuries past.

            The Order’s GOALS are attained through and by exposing its members to a graded EDUCATIONAL journey which helps the individual to develop a fundamental understanding of who they are, of the universe and its laws, of their relationship to the universe, of their relationship to their fellow man, and finally how they must live their life so that they satisfy the purpose of physical life as we know it.

            As a member of the Order and as a neophyte on this educational PATH for the past thirty years, I can tell you that in my experience, the Order delivers on its Promises. The knowledge and the benefits attained through studying the work and consistently putting the Teachings into practice are awesome. I often say to all my friends and associates that the impact of the Rosicrucian Order on my life is the greatest and most fulfilling process which I have experienced in my conscious life to date.

            The Teachings and Instructions have helped me to transcend the gap between the mundane education and the spiritual ONE and I have come to realize that all is UNITY and that the feelings of separateness are an illusion of consciousness. I have also come to realize that every individual has the ability residing within his own being -- within his OWN Godself -- to be Master of his world. As the Rose of consciousness unfolded, I came to understand that my health, my protection, my direction, my money supply and all forms of supply, my professional development, my service to humanity, and the attainment of my spiritual goals are all functionally related to the living of A Life based on the practice of Cosmic Perfection in my thoughts, my feelings, my words and my actions.

            Our order is not a religion and is not hostile to any religion. The Rosicrucian Order is non-sectarian and embraces that which is good and wholesome in all religions. Therefore whatever may be your religious persuasion/s, the Rosicrucian Order AMORC and I invite you to join This Educational Path and fellowship with US as WE pursue the noblest GOAL which ALL LIVING BEINGS can attain.


With Best Wishes for Peace Profound.

Stephen Horsford

Grand Councilor