Allentown Atrium

Convocations are held on the 1st and 4th Wednesdays at 7:45 PM (except where noted on calendar). Convocations are opened to members of the Order. Bring your current AMORC dues card, and please arrive early to properly prepare.

Public Meetings and Rosicrucian Salons are held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month and begin at 7:30 PM (except where noted on calendar). Public meetings cover some aspect of the Rosicrucian teachings while Rosicrucian Salons present topics of interest to members and non-members, not necessarily part of the Rosicrucian tradition. Your friends and colleagues are Welcome!

Convocations and Public Meetings are followed by a social hour

Business meetings are held quarterly check our calendar for future Business meetings.

Add Your Light To Our Light!

We extend a special invitation to members of our Order who have not yet attended a convocation, or who have not attended convocation in a long while. The mystical benefits of convocation are great, for both the convocator and for our Order.

Group Leader: Jose Oremeno

Regional Monitor: Daniel Gandolfi 201-823-7564 Email
Grand Councilor: Terence Cipriani 201-873-8613 Email
Temple: Shane Marrow    
Library: John Moll    
Social: Michael Zegalia    
Metaphysical Aid: AnnMarie Petrucci 610-360-7126 Email

Metaphysical Aid is available for all who are in need of assistance with health, domestic, economic, or other issues. Metaphysical Aid puts certain spiritual energies into motion in accordance with mystical law and natural principles.

Master's Message

Per Benedictionem Rosae Crucis

Ad Rosam per Crucem, Ad Crucem per Rosam

Beloved Fraters and Sorores,

Another new year is upon us, and with it comes a change in our administration. I personally thank our past master Soror AnnMarie Petrucci for the wonderful job she has done for our pronaos.

As Rosicrucians we know there are Cosmic laws that determine our success. One such law is the Law of Reciprocity. The work we do is cosmically reciprocated. Great works are reciprocated greatly, small works are reciprocated smally. If we do nothing, we receive nothing. We cannot simply wait for the Cosmic to give us what we desire, or even to give us what we need. We must first intend to do good works, then we must meditate and connect with our Master within to receive guidance. And then we must make the actual physical effort to manifest the good work we have intended, within the Will of the Cosmic.

We must put into practice what we have learned as members of our Order, and become beacons for those seeking the truth we have. We must do this for the good of our Order and for the good of our soul.

I encourage all of us to bathe in, and to become vessels of, the Greater Light, and to do Good Works!

So Mote it Be!

Peace Profound,

Jose Ormeno,


Master/Servant, Allentown Pronaos, AMORC

Spring R.C. 3368

Pronaos Schedule of Events - RC 3368


Spring Equinox Mar. 21st

March 25th



The Power of Thought

By Frater Camp Ezell FRC

April 1st




RCUI Discourse 15

April 15th

Public Meeting



Frater John Moll, F.R.C.

April 22nd

Convocation & Business Meeting


Concentration Versus Will

by Rodman R. Clayson

May 6th



A New Neighborhood

by Ron Skolmen F.R.C.

May 20th

Public Meeting




May 27th



The Pitfalls on the Spiritual Path

RCUI Discourse #26

June 3rd



Developing The Real Personality Through The Ideal of Character

Robert E. Daniels, F.R.C.