Enneadic Star Pronaos

Meeting Addresses

Kenton Masonic Temple
8130 N Denver Ave.
Portland, OR 97217


Frog Pond Grange
27350 Stafford Rd.
Wilsonville, OR 97070
   Enneadic Star

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P.O. Box 55367
Portland, OR, 97238-5367





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Enneadic Star Pronaos


Our Tradition

Enneadic Star Pronaos (ESP) continues the tradition of maintaining an AMORC affiliated body in the Portland area. This tradition extends back at least to 1927, beginning with a chartered Oregon lodge in Portland, which for a long time was called Portland Rose Lodge and later Enneadic Star Lodge. Responding dynamically to the needs of the times, it subsequently operated as a Chapter and then a Pronaos over the years, with several changes of meeting location. Currently, we have meeting locations in Portland and Wilsonville. We meet at least at least twice a month, usually on Sunday afternoons. Please check the schedule for details.

 The Convocation ritual that is at the heart of our practice has been conducted regularly in the Portland area for 60 or 70 years, and the lives of many Rosicrucians have been intertwined in love and service during this time. It has been a long, and for many of us a very spiritually rewarding, run. The gradual reduction of the affiliated body's scope over the years seems to be part of a "natural process" -- not that the message and purpose of AMORC have fundamentally changed.

In addition to Convocation, we offer conversations, companionship and shared meals with those of like minds, plus experiments in magnetism, optical effects, dowsing, etc., Over the years we have enjoyed both Chapter and Pronaos Convocation ceremonies, and we have enacted the occasional mystical drama. We have had forums on metaphysical healing and advanced degree forums. We would like to continue meeting and enjoying these activities and grow in attendance so that we can hold more activities, and we heartily encourage your attendance. Depending on where you live, carpools could be arranged.

Master's Message

Welcome Members and Seekers

Enneadic Star Pronaos has been a spiritual home for Rosicrucians since 1927. We started meeting in Wilsonville some years ago and continue to meet there the second Sunday of the month to make it easier for our Fraters and Sorors who live in Salem and Eugene and cities south of Portland to meet. We might be the only Pronaos in the United States that meets in two locations each month!  Our meetings on the fourth Sunday take place in the beautiful temple of the Kenton Masonic Lodge.  

When I was new to the Order, I remember hesitating to attend a Convocation because I thought other Rosicrucians were perfect masters of wisdom and would see what a teensy spark of Mind I was.  The relief was immense when I discovered that they were just students on the Path, like me.  Later, the wonderful thing that can only happen when Rosicrucians gather together happened;  they shared techniques and wisdom with me that I had overlooked in the Monographs.  Members can progress faster along the Path because of this shared support and wisdom.  

Our mission, in these days of economic, political and planetary problems, is to be a home and a refuge for people who will work locally and globally to make this a better world. 

Do not hesitate, join us soon.  


Anjala Ehelebe

Wilsonville Grange Hall - Alternate meeting place

Kenton Masonic Temple








Sr. Anjala E.


Fr. Clayton B.


Sr. Courtney S.

Grand Councilor &

Metaphysical Aid

Sr. Jean D.