New York City Pronaos



Welcome To Our Pronaos

Fratres and Sorores,

Under the auspices of the Rose-Croix,

Salutem Punctis Trianguli!

At the threshold of the Rosicrucian Year 3369, the desire that animates us all as members of the New York City Pronaos remains the return to our previous status.

Therefore, let us be thankful to the Masters for what we have accomplished so far to that end.

In Cohesion, Tolerance and Love, let us stay focused and work harder for the attainment of that goal which, now more than ever, is within reach.

If it is the will of the Cosmic, it is done.   

With best wishes for Peace Profound!

Zogbé J.P. Ourigou





New York City Pronaos

71 West 23 Street, New York, NY 10010



Find Us At

Quest Books
Meeting Rooms
240 E 53rd St
New York, NY 10010



Master:  Zogbe J.P. Ourigou FRC

Secretary:  Eseroghene Magege SRC

Guardian:  Louis Antoine Leroy

Mystical Education

Atria Forum:  Gary Fey FRC

Members Forum:  Eliane Rodrigue SRC

Atrium Forum: Walter Payne FRC

Committee Chairs

Audit:  Nigel Freso FRC

Host and Hostess:  Alice Morris SRC

Library:  Frank Jimenez 

Metaphysical Aid:  Andre Azemar FRC

Supply Bureau: JosephCharles Pierre