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Welcome To Our Pronaos

Beloved Fratres and Sorores,

Greetings! The confluence of spring and the Rosicrucian New Year reminds us of  the restless, vibrant energy coursing through all nature at this time.

It is a wonderful time for new beginnings, a time when all things seem possible.

I would like to encourage all our members to apply some of that vital energy to the task of rebuilding this Affiliated Body which, under its former name and at its former location served as a spiritual home to so many Rosicrucians.

The officers and I welcome your support, both spiritual and material as we aim at securing a home for current and future members in much the same way as those who came before us provided us with a place to 'work and worship'.

Sincerely and fraternally,

Walter Payne




New York City Pronaos

71 West 23 Street, New York, NY 10010



Find Us At

Quest Books
Meeting Rooms
240 E 53rd St
New York, NY 10010



Master:  Walter Payne FRC

Secretary:  Eliane Rodriguez SRC

Guardian:  Mark Grant FRC

Mystical Education

Atria Forum:  Walter Payne

Members Forum:  Eliane Rodriguez

RC Salon:  Andrea Basket

7th Degree Forum:  Francesca Simon

Committee Chairs

Audit:  Nigel Freso

Fundraising:  Francesca Simon

Host and Hostess:  Terrence Battersby
                                       Claudette Payne

Library:  Walter Payne

Metaphysical Aid:  Andre Azemar