Starting a Group in your area of Nevada...

In order to enhance your experience of membership in our Order, we encourage you to affiliate with a local AMORC group, or if a group does not already exist near you, you are most welcome to begin one in your community. Please visit the Rosicrucian Groups page to help guide you through the process.

Grand Councilor s Welcome Message...

We are an active group of warm and caring Rosicrucians serving the Order and humanity from our homes, sanctums, and workplaces throughout Nevada. Many of our members work anonymously, while many others combine their Light in the activities of our Affiliated Bodies, which are in Las Vegas (Light of Las Vegas Atrium Group) and Reno (Sierra Nevada Pronaos). There are also informal Discussion Groups that you can participate in to enjoy the company and mystical insights of other Rosicrucians in an area and time convenient to you. 

Current activities in our State, for members, are listed on the following pages along with the contact information for our two affiliated bodies.

Thanks to all of you who took advantage of the special membership offer in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of H. Spencer Lewis's initiation into the Rosicrucian Tradition. Please let us or your local Affiliated Body know if there is any way that we can assist or support you in your studies of the Order and its teachings!

Please feel free to contact any of our members or the Affiliated Bodies in your area, and especially if you are traveling through our wonderful State. The best way to reach us is to email us at nevada@amorc.rosicrucian.org. We are here to serve you and hope you enjoy your stay. 

Online Rosicrucian Community for Members


Members can use the Rosicrucian Community to contact members in their region and all over the jurisdiction of the English Grand Lodge for the Americas and Caribbean. Affiliated Bodies also use this site to announce their meetings and events.