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Essene Chapter

Essene Chapter meets at the Lake Harriet Masonic Lodge. We welcome all to join us on our meeting days where we support each other and work together in our spiritual studies. We look forward to your participation in our mystical work of sending Light, Life, and Love out into our community and into the world.

Please either park in the small lot on the north side of the building or on the street. Do not park in the strip mall lot just north of the property, or you will be towed.

Email: minnesota@amorc.rosicrucian.org

Note that we no longer meet at 4722 42nd Ave. N. in Robbinsdale. Please ignore Google if she tries to send you there.

The Law Of AMRA:

Essene Chapter operates under the Law of AMRA. AMRA contributions are a way to allow Divine Intelligence to work through us and to give thanks for the blessings we have received. They are a form of service and gratitude for the benefits the Cosmic has bestowed upon us. Essene Chapter receives no financial support other than AMRA contributions from our fellow Fratres and Sorores in Minnesota; member dues do not help support Essene Chapter. You may donate financially either online below, by mailing a check to us, or preferably, by attending Essene Chapter events and sharing your Light with us (a form of AMRA) and dropping your contribution in the AMRA box found at Chapter. We thank you for helping Essene Chapter remain a vibrant affiliated body serving Minnesota.

Essene Chapter, February Schedule:

Welcome to Essene Chapter. The doors open 1/2 hour before the start time of all events for meditation, socialization, and camaraderie. Events start promptly at the designated time. Please arrive on time, as it is disruptive to meditations, experiments, and workshops to enter late. The door is locked at the start of all convocations. Thanks for your effort.

Date Day Time Event
Feb. 6 Thu. 7:00 PM Ask Your Mystical Questions

8:00 PM Pythagorean Ritual

9:00 PM Social Hour
Feb. 8 Sat. 10:00 AM Mystical Workshop: How Music Affects The Human Aura

This Saturday event is open to the public, all are welcome to attend.
Feb. 13 Thu. 7:00 PM Mystical Exercise: Sacred Geometry – The Flower of LIfe

8:00 PM Convocation: Creating Our Environment

9:00 PM Social Hour
Feb. 20 Thu. 7:00 PM Mystical Exercise: Reincarnation Experiment

8:00 PM Convocation: Science And God

9:00 PM Social Hour
Feb. 27 Thu. 6:30 PM Administrative Meeting

7:15 PM Lighthouse Meditation and Council of Solace Ritual:
Open to the public, all are welcome to attend.

8:00 PM Convocation: Three Phases Of Rosicrucian Philosophy

9:00 PM Social Hour


Master’s Message: Winter, R+C 3372

In the month of December on the 21st, we celebrate the winter solstice. It is the day when darkness starts relinquishing itself, slowly, to the light. The days get longer. We have spent the last nine months planting new seeds for development (spring), nurturing the seedlings you planted (summer), harvesting the fruit of your labors (fall), and now it is time to rest, to contemplate, to take inventory, to renew commitments, and to reflect on what has worked and what has not (winter).

This is a time when great work can be accomplished. Sometimes we are so busy in the spring, summer, and fall doing, we do not have the time to reflect on what is needed to put new processes in motion that will enrich us, move us to greater inspirations. We have time now to plan. And, once that plan is ready, we start the process all over again. We plant new seeds in the spring with great hopes of new personal bounty. We progress always to a greater purpose.

In Light, Life, and Love
Michael Vincent, Master Essene Chapter