The Changing Face of Business

Environment And Business Growth

Since the dawn of the industrial age, business growth has always been at the cost of environment leading to rapid destruction of forest land, large open cast mines and the most damaging of all, the release of pollutants into air, water and land and extinction of flora and fauna species.Although, business growth has not slowed, an increasing awareness of the environmental cost of growth has lead to a different thinking amongst the business groups, regulators and general public as a whole.The significance of sustainable development is well understood by the human race like never before.
Various steps to contain pollution, move away from heavy polluting manufacturing methods, resource conservation, increase in green cover etc., have improved the situation to some extent.However, it is the moral responsibility of the entire humankind to protect the environment.

Environment and Business Commitment

With the introduction of various environmental legislations, upcoming and ongoing industries have to comply with the stipulated legalities.Also, in the company’s own interest issues like water, energy and other resources conservations need to be looked into.For all these compliances and conservation issues there is a constant need of expert who would provide the latest technologies and consultancy.

Amoda’s expertise focuses on the major environmental sectors and cross-cutting service areas by combining our solid understanding of futuristic areas with cutting edge methodological skills to address the needs of our clients.