Getting Started and Setting up your Website

  1. Click on New Site

  2. Leave it on "Blank Template"

  3. Give your site a name (You can use capital letters and spaces.)

  4. Notice the address Google creates for you -you might want to write it down, although you should be able to get to it when you log into your account and click on "sites". (Notice that Google takes out the capitals and spaces in the actual web address.)

  5. Choose a theme - I chose "Rounders". You can always change your theme. (In fact, I did. This is "ice" or something like that.)

  6. Go under theme pictures and click on "More Options."

  7. In Site Categories, type the category the your teacher designates. Everyone working on the project MUST type the category exactly as told to you by your teacher.

  8. Then fill in the field beside "site description" -it will be a blurb about what your site is about -could include partners' names

  9. In the "collaborate with" section, choose "only people I specify can view this site". - Later, we can go back and change these permissions.

  10. Click the "Create Site" button. A gear will show, and in a few minutes (or seconds) your site should appear.

  11. Once your site appears, go to "more actions", and pull down to "manage site".

  12. On the left, under "Site settings", click on "General", and then view all of the categories you  filled in, and make sure all is correct. If you had to correct something, click on "save changes."

  13. Then click on "return to site" at top.

  14. If you did not change anything, click "cancel". It will go back to your site.

  15. Now, go to "more actions" again, and pull down to "share this site"

  16. Click on "as owners" so all team members will have identical priviledges.

  17. Type in the addresses of the people you are going to invite. These will be your group partners and the teachers you need to share with.

  18. Click on "invite these people"
  19. If you have not typed all addresses correctly, there will be a message box telling you. Go back and fix addresses until you have successfully sent invitations to all members of your group.
  20. Next, type a quick message in the box and hit send.

  21. You may then have to click "return to site".
  22. Now click in the navigation bar on "creating new pages" to get to the next section of the directions.