Online Classes


For those in Credit Recovery, the purpose of the class is to provide students the opportunity to recover credits for the purpose of meeting graduation requirements.

If students are in Independent Study, students have the opportunity to enrich their learning experience with online electives not currently offered at Amity High School.


  • Students are to arrive on time prepared (mentally and physically) to start working on individual credit recovery

  • No PE or Physical Education courses can be taken online unless doctor’s note has been provided

  • Students will be given assigned seating and they are to remain in assigned seating

  • In-class talking is to be at a minimum

  • Students can ask to take chapter tests on paper instead of online

  • The taking of handwritten notes is strongly encouraged and can be used during tests

  • Chromebooks are to never leave Mrs.Swanson’s room or the library

  • Electronic devices like cell phones, mp3 players, ipods, etc. are not permitted during class. The use of headsets or earbuds is allowed during class with Chromebooks.

  • Students will be given a 7-minute break halfway through the class.

  • Students enrolled in semester courses are expected to finish them at the semester

Grading & Evaluation

Students will have routine weekly check-in’s to evaluate course progress. The check-in entails the student completing 15% of an assigned course (this is 15% per assigned course). During the time of progress reports or semester grades, students will be given credit for fully completed courses not partial.


It is a privilege to be a part of the Credit Recovery or Independent Study program. If a student does not make progress on their online course, they will lose their spot within the online program and will have to find another means of completing their credit outside of class. If attendance is an issue, a student could ultimately lose their spot within the online program as well.

If a student fails to achieve a weekly 15% course progress. Consequences are as follows:

  • First time 15% is not achieved- warning issued

  • Second time- Mr. Daniels is notified

  • Third time- lunch detention issued

  • Fourth- Have to come in on Friday

  • Fifth- ISS (In School Suspension)

  • Sixth- Pulled from class

Contact Info     

Mrs. Swanson can be contacted in the art room, Room 100, between 7:00am-4:30pm during the school week. Emails will not be answered after 9:30pm during weekdays and after 10:30pm on Saturdays. Emails will not be answered on Sundays. Email:

Online FAQs

Can I work on my online course at home?

Yes, you can. A student can work on their online coursework at home. Most students find it easier

to complete their online coursework at home.

I failed my test, can I retake it?

Yes, you can retake a test multiple times in fact. If a student fails a test the first time, course material needs to be reviewed before a second attempt is made. If a student fails it a second time, a paper test will be issued and notes can be used. With the issuing of a paper test, a student can correct the questions that were missed and half credit can be received per each corrected question.

What is the policy on eating during class?

Students can bring food in the art room as long as they clean up after themselves. The library,

depends on what Mrs. Ramos says.

Can I use notes? Can I use notes during tests?

Handwritten notes are strongly encouraged! If a student is having a rather difficult time with a test, notes can be used during the test.

Can’t I just do homework during class instead of online?

Yeah and no. Again it is the students responsibility to complete their online material and make their weekly progress check. It is the students call if they want to use their available online time and work on assignments. The student is still expected to make the 15% weekly progress check.