Amity Elementary Library Home Page

Welcome to the Amity Elementary School library where we strive to bring knowledge to all students, K-5, with an emphasis on STEM; Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Twice a week your child will visit the library for 30 minutes. One visit per week will be focused on the importance of reading and on the use of the library. Various books will be introduced and stories will be read. The other visit will be an activity time when the students will experience a variety of activity stations, participate in a science related craft, or an art project. Other activities may include educational type games like jeopardy. The library will be open during teacher conferences, open houses, and during some other school activities. During those times, the activity stations will be setup and you can experience first hand what your children enjoy each week.

A View From the Checkout Counter

Our Newest Activity Station

This is an Augmented Reality Sandbox. It projects a live image of a topographical map, with water simulation, onto white play sand. As the students change the topography the images changes. Lots of fun!

Another New Activity Station

Also new this year. This is the Stop Motion Animation Station. Students can create animations with the Zu3d software. They can save their projects for viewing at the end of the year with the other students creations.

Lego Robotics Happens Here

Students can apply to be on a Lego Robotics Team during the last month of each school year. 2nd graders and older are encouraged to apply. During Sept., Oct., Nov., and Dec., three teams will design and program their robot, develop a challenge presentation, and complete a series of challenges with their robot at a competition in December.