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“P9” is the world's largest university-based mineral processing research program.  In its 50-year history it has re-shaped the practice of designing and optimising mineral processing plants; using mathematical modelling and computer simulation.  The research team includes some of the world's leading researchers in key disciplines of mineral processing.

 Under the program management of AMIRA International, the P9 Project has grown to include contributions from six universities across the world.  This has provided the capability for increased research activity and the ability to deliver value through research outcomes to an increasingly global group of sponsors.  Its achievements have helped reshape process understanding, and design and operational practice in mineral processing.

 The basis of P9 has been plant-based research activity.  The Project ‘Mission’ has been to enhance the performance of mineral processing plants in terms of efficiency, and provide value creation to sponsor companies.  This has been through a continued focus on data driven decision making, to improve processing strategies, and optimise plant operations, from studying real ores in actual plant environments.  The ongoing project goal has been to provide the capability for quantitative prediction through the use of mathematical models of mineral processing unit operations.  The modelling has been supported by the development of advanced ore characterisation techniques.

The aim of the P9 Project remains the enhancement of performance of mineral processing operations through the use of predictive unit process models and circuit simulation.  This has been based on extensive plant data collection, and development of new technologies and methodologies which have today become industry standards.  The overall vision of P9 is data driven decision making to inform processing strategy development and to optimise operations.

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  • Final Addendum to Proposal for P9P_RevD (TFB).pdf   618k - 29 Aug 2012, 12:07 by Terry Braden (v2)
  • P9P Proposal Final_Version 1a.pdf   2164k - 7 May 2012, 08:12 by Terry Braden (v2)
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