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Mrs. Funderburg's Help Page

Welcome Back to a New School Year 2018! 
Science is Fun


Welcome to Open House 2018

What do I need:

A notebook (3 subject is good but need one just for science

A folder or 3 ring binder to keep all science papers
Lots of sharpened pencils and a pouch to keep them in
Colored pencils

A grading pen (any color but except black)
A highlighter (any color)
Index cards for definitions
A box of tissues (greatly appreciated and much needed in Dec.) 

Here is a plan for the week. If you forgot to write in your agenda, check out the lessons but using your agenda is very important!!

Funderburg Lesson Plans Week of May 13, 2019: images-2.jpeg

**If you are absent from class, you are responsible for BOTH in-class and homework assignments assigned while you were out.

Any changes to assignments will be put in student agendas and MAY NOT appear online. Please check with your teachers when you return to school.

Monday 5-13

Tuesday 5-14

Wednesday 5-15

Thursday 5-16

Friday 5-17


Grade Science

Discussion of Lesson 3 - Wave Interactions

Did You Know…

Around the World …

3 Facts and a Fib ...

Mini Lab - How can reflection be used?

P. 29

WS - p. 37

Check WS p. 37

Mini Lab: Separating Wavelengths

WS - Wave Interactions (Both sides)

Review of Vocabulary

Read p. 44-51 Producing and Detecting Sound

Discuss and Notes

Complete Sound Wave Lab

Bill Nye - Sound

Complete WS and turn in

Study Guide for Test over Waves on Tuesday

Gim Kit with waves

CLC today




Test on Energy

Begin LAST  Unit on Cells

Start Investigation 1: Observe and Draw Animal cells and Plant Cells

Begin Cell Theory

Take notes about Cell Theory

HMW: Color your drawing so far

Finish: Observe and Draw Animal cells and Plant Cells

Begin Cell Theory

Take notes about Cell Theory

Hand out copy of Cell Theory Rap

Decide Groups

HMW: Finish Drawing of Cells and color

Practice Cell Theory Rap and Prepare to present to class

Divide into groups to learn about the parts of a cell.

Each group will draw a cell part, explain its function, and add it to OUR BIG CELL.


Practice Cell Theory Rap

Work with group to find information on cell part, its function, and what it looks like in the cell.

Cell Theory Raps

Begin creating the BIG CELL.