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AJH News:

Friday, October 5 - Varsity Football Game - 8th grade band performs with the High School Marching Band

Saturday, December 1 - AJH Book Fair at Crocker Park - selected groups of small groups will perform holiday music for the shoppers

Thursday, December 6 - AJH 6th grade and 7th grade bands  

Monday, March 11th:  HS/AJH Festival of Bands - 7:00pm at Steele Gymnasium  

Wednesday, May 1st:  Nord 5th/6th Grade Band Spring Concert - 7:00pm at AJH  

Wednesday May 8 - AJH 7th grade band and 8th grade band 7:00 p.m. at AJH


Older news:
All instruments need to be kept in a locked locker. Please provide a combination lock.

6th graders need the Essential Elements for Band book 
If you lost yours, click the title of the book above to reorder it.

7th and 8th graders need the Warm-ups and Beyond book
Please click the link to order your book. The cost is $6.50

All students will do 2 individual performance assessments 
1st Semester performance assessment - Technique and Scales - all students will be given a technique/scale exercise
 in the first 2 weeks of school. They have the remainder of the 1st quarter to record and submit it.

2nd Semester performance assessment - Musicality and Expression

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