Welcome to the Nord and AJH Bands page!

Nord News:

Here's a glimpse in one of our 5th grade band lessons. We check to make sure we can read and count the music properly before playing it.

YouTube Video

Here is a video tutorial to help you set up your 
EEi (Essential Elements interactive)
account. It is a free online program that
accompanies our book.

YouTube Video

Large Group Band Schedule 5th grade:
2:00 - 2:35
Monday: Boggs, Mullen, Liming, Watkin

Friday: Homolya, Hermensky, Beetler, Henry, Kinser


AJH News:

Upcoming performance:
Festival of Bands - Monday, March 6
MLS High School
Performing groups: 
7th grade band
8th grade band
High school Symphonic Band
High School Wind Ensemble

Jazz Band is rehearsing on Mondays!
2:30 - 3:45

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