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Nord News:

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Spring Concert - April 27
7:00 p.m. AJH Gym

5th grade Band will be having an
accuracy check. Students will play
an exercise and be scored on 
pitch, rhythm, and tone accuracy. 
All students will submit their assessment
through EEi. 
(Essential Elements Interactive)

Here's a glimpse in one of our 5th grade band lessons. We check to make sure we can read and count the music properly before playing it.

YouTube Video

Here is a video tutorial to help you set up your 
EEi (Essential Elements interactive)
account. It is a free online program that
accompanies our book.

YouTube Video

Large Group Band Schedule 5th grade:
2:00 - 2:35
Monday: Boggs, Mullen, Liming, Watkin

Friday: Homolya, Hermensky, Beetler, Henry, Kinser


AJH News:

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Spring Concert - April 25
7:00 p.m. AJH Gym

Jazz Band is rehearsing on Mondays!
2:30 - 3:45

Keep your calendar clear for OMEA Large Group Adjudicated Contest.
It will be either Friday, May 5 or Saturday, May 6.
Day/Time has not been assigned yet.
Registration opens in April.

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