Welcome to First Grade!  

Hello, my name is Mrs. Germuska. This will be my 3rd year teaching first grade and 13th year in the Amherst School District. I used to teach kindergarten and was an Intervention Specialist during my years at Shupe Elementary. I had also taught one year of First Grade before transitioning to Kindergarten in 2011. I taught 4 years half day kindergarten then 3 years of all day kindergarten. I look forward to seeing familiar faces this year in first grade!!!
This website will be used to provide you with information about what is happening in the classroom. It will be updated weekly with the new skills that are being introduced to your child. We are implementing a new reading curriculum with MacGraw Hill's Wonders program. All of the teachers are very excited to add this new program that will have a technology piece connection for home. More information to come soon!

Please join me in continuing to strengthen your child's education in First Grade .
You may contact with me with any questions or concerns via email: megan_germuska@amherstk12.org.

I will respond by the end of that same day.