Summer Assignments

Summer Assignments Checklist:
1. Read Paul Revere's Ride (answer the questions if you choose)
    -be prepared for a test the day school starts
2. Watch the video linked below and answer the Video Questions that accompany the video (these will be collected)
3. Read the two textbook chapters linked below and answer the study questions (these will also be collected)
4. Complete reading for the Crucible below (Honors English 10)

Video Questions: Answer these questions as you watch the video.  You will turn these in the first day of school.

Required Books: 
1. Paul Revere's Ride by David Hackett Fischer
2. Princeton Review for the A.P. United States History Exam
        -You will need this for study and review throughout the course, it is not summer reading!

Read the book Paul Revere's Ride, as well as the first 2 chapters of the textbook. (PDF for the textbook is attached below)  Complete the questions below for each chapter in the textbook, I will collect these in class.  Be prepared for an in-class essay over your summer reading the first week of school.  You will also be required to do summer reading for the English portion of class (you should check with Mrs. Grissinger for details), but see below for links to The Crucible.

Textbook Reading:

Textbook Reading Questions:

Honors English 10 Summer Assignment