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500-School Organization

 Policy Title
Underlying Policies or Purposes 
 520Daily Schedule 
 521Instructional Hours 
 523Emergency Drills 
 525Ceremonies, Observances, and the Pledge of Allegiance
 530Personnel Legal Names
 531Attendance Register
 533Fundraising Projects
 535Use of School Facilities
 540Elementary School Program
 540.1Discontinuation of Enrollment
 541Elementary Curriculum
 542Middle Grades Purpose
 543Middle Grades Curriculum
 544Senior High School Purpose
 545Senior High School Curriculum
 546Media Section
 547Censorship of Books and Other Printed Material
 548Duties of Librarian/Media Specialist
 549Textbook Selection
 550Instructional/Assessments and Academic Standards
 551Instruction/Assessment Protocol
 552Internet Safety and Acceptable Use Policy 
 553Instruction/Return to Learn from Cancer
 561Testing Programs
 570Controversial Issues
 580Scope of the Athletic Programs
 581Fiscal Control of the Athletic Program
 582Athletic Coaching Staff
 583Community Coaches/Sponsors
 584Employee Activity Passes
 590Parent Involvement
 591.1Notice of Parents Rights