Welcome to our coding club online dojo!
Within the confines of your dojo your hard work will make you a black-belt ninja at coding!  

What is coding?  
Coding is a language that is spoken by machines.  By the way, coding has several synonyms:  programming, scripting, or developing.  There are some slight differences in the meaning of these words but those differences are very minor.  

Why should I learn to code?  
Developing coding skills will strengthen your mathematical skills.  It will help you become better at problem solving and will allow you to use and expand your creativity. Plus, if you are planning on getting a job in the future working with any type of machine, you should learn coding.  In fact, even if you aren't planning a career in working with a machine, many of our toys and gadgets these days requires a basic understanding of coding-EVEN VIDEO GAMES!  

What kinds of machines need coding skills?  It would be easier to list machines that don't need coding skills!

Why are we calling this a dojo?  Most of the time when people hear the word dojo they think of someplace you go to learn how to use martial arts.  Although you could go to a martial arts dojo that isn't the only kind of dojo.  A dojo is any place you go to learn something new so our school is a dojo.  This computer lab will be our coding dojo.