Instrument and Supplies

All supplies are available locally and through various online vendors.  Each student is responsible for obtaining his/her own books and supplies. 

Lesson Books

6th Grade Band
7th Grade Band

8th Grade Band

  • Flute: cleaning rod with cleaning cloth
  • Clarinet: Grand Concert or Mitchell Lurie (standard) reeds, strength #3; cleaning swab
  • Saxophone: Rico Royal or Vandoren reeds, strength #3, cleaning swab
  • Trumpet: valve oil, mouthpiece brush, valve brush, cleaning snake
  • French horn: rotor oil, mouthpiece brush
  • Trombone: slide cream or Slide-o-Mix, water spray bottle, mouthpiece brush
  • Baritone/Tuba: valve oil, mouthpiece brush
Recommended Instruments

Our Ames 5-12 band instructors recommend certain brands of instruments based on helping students succeed and helping parents to make quality, cost-effective investments. These are the brands we recommend for beginner-level instruments (in order of preference): 
  • Flute: Yamaha, Gemeinhardt, Armstrong, Selmer
  • Clarinet: Yamaha, Selmer; also Bundy, Vito, Artley
  • Saxophone: Yamaha
  • Trumpet: Yamaha, Bach
  • Trombone: Yamaha, Bach
        Other brands might also be acceptable.  Parents are welcome to bring used instruments to an AMS instructor for evaluation.  

Step-up Instruments

If you consider investing in a better quality instrument at some point, the Ames High band directors have a list of recommended brands and models.