7th Grade Band

For those students needing to complete the
 evaluation, please click on the following link.  

Make a copy, print the form and after filling it out return 
it to Mrs. Fritcher.  Don't forget to put your name on it!

Here are links to recordings of the band pieces we 

are working on for our February concert!

Click on this link to fill out the nomination form for 

Honor Band.  Please also have your 

parents fill out the parent permission form by clicking 

on this link. These forms need to be filled out 

no later 
than Monday, November 12.

Click on this link to fill out self evaluation for Quarter 1.

Welcome to 7th Grade Band!

If you would like to review any of the information on the slide show from

 our first meeting click here!

Click here to complete and submit the 7th grade band registration form!

7th Grade brass and woodwind players will need 
Essential Elements Book 2 for their instrument for lessons this year.

7th grade percussion players will need Alfred's Drum Method Book 1.

Both of these books can be purchased at Riemans Music on Main Street in Ames.