Welcome to the Community Digital Backpack

The Ames Community School District's Digital Backpack is the site where we display notices of non-school-related community events.

We generally post information about educational and enrichment opportunities for students and their families.  

Our acceptance of publications for display here does not imply agreement with or support of their content by the schools, administration, staff, Board or individual reviewing the materials.

View a complete description of our policy.

How to submit a publication:

  • Email the Director of School, Community and Media Relations


  • Attach a file of the document you wish to have posted. The document must include the following disclaimer:

“This is not an Ames Community School District publication, nor is it in any way endorsed or sponsored by the District. This publication is being provided only to inform you of other community activities and opportunities.”

You will receive an email to let you know whether your document was accepted for posting.

We will display the post while the event is current.

Mailing labels:
If you would like to promote your educational or enrichment opportunity through the mail, contact me for mailing labels for students who have permission to be listed in their school's public directory. The flyer must meet our guidelines. The cost for each sheet of labels with 30 names and addresses is $1.