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Short link to site bit.ly/ahsgband

Tip to remove background noise in Garageband http://www.icreatemagazine.com/tips/how-to-reduce-hiss-in-garageband/

The embed gadget in the directions for the embed audio onto a Google Site are not working, instead of the gadgets discussed in the video you will want to use these directions instead when you get the gadget part.
1.  On the insert gadgets part, select "Add gadget by url" and paste this link into the box for the url = https://sites.google.com/site/basler45678/home/html5-audio-player.xml

2.  Insert the link to your file, which is uploaded to the site already in the attachment page or on a file cabinet page, into the correct box.
3.  Remember to hit all the Oks and saves and test your file, if it still does not work, you can always upload your podcast to YouTube and just insert the YouTube file using the built in gadget.

Tutorials to Get You Started

Starting a Podcast, Importing Audio (new)

Splitting, Cutting and Looping Tracks (new)

Fading in/out, Changing Volume of Audio (new)

Exporting a Podcast (new)

For an AAC Export 
Adding Pictures (old)

Adding Chapters or Markers (old)

Both mp3 and AAC
Embedding a Podcast onto a Google Site (old)
Directions are not 100% working right now, the gadget does not work anymore so you need to follow the directions for the new gadget at the top of this page.

Audio file title

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