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James A.Joseph Memorial Fund

James Joseph
This memorial fund has been established to honor the memory and scientific contributions of Dr. James “Jim” Joseph to aging research. Through a career spanning over 30 years, Jim was a pioneer researcher in the neurobiology of aging and nutritional neuroscience. He served in a variety of posts at the National Institute on Aging, the Armed Forces Radiobiological Laboratory, the USDA, and also in the pharmaceutical industry at American Cynamid. Jim made seminal findings in several areas including (1) relating age-related changes in dopaminergic and cholinergic systems to motor dysfunction; (2) also linking these changes to alterations in neuronal membrane composition; (3) identifying potential detrimental effects of heavy particles on motor and cognitive function that might affect the deep space travel of astronauts; and (4) most notably, describing beneficial effects on brain aging and behavioral function of diets enriched in fruits and vegetables with high antioxidant activity. Discovered while serving as the Chief of the Neuroscience Laboratory of the USDA/Tufts University Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging, the latter finding was the focus of Jim’s career over the last decade which stimulated major growth in research on botanicals and brain aging.

In addition to his scientific achievements, Jim served the American Aging Association in several capacities, including many years on our Board of Directors, the Editorial Board of our Journal, and as President in 2002-2003. A major feature of our annual meeting for many years was a lecture from Jim or a symposium that he organized which presented the latest findings on nutritional modulation of brain aging.

The James Joseph Memorial Fund will be used to support presentations at our annual meetings that will feature current research on this topic and will bear Jim’s name on the program and in a certificate/award. It is the objective of this fund to keep moving the field of nutritional neuroscience forward in a manner that Jim would be proud to support. All contributions are tax deductible.

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