Welcome to Sophomore year English II; this school year we are going to be doing a lot of reading, writing and discussing. We will be building upon the skills you learned as Freshman and preparing you for your Junior year where you will take SAT. The Amboy School District is moving towards being more technology driven and in an effort to keep those goals alive, we are going to be using a lot of technology in the classroom. So bring your Chromebooks every day and make sure they are charged! Get ready for an awesome and exciting school year!! 

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Class Description:

This course is an integrated one in which literature is the focus. Students will study a variety of literary works: novels, non-fiction, poetry, and short stories. Within the study of literature, students will learn to write various modes of discourse. This will include writing analytical, reflective, and research-based essays. The study of grammatical conventions, vocabulary development and speaking are also an integral part of this course. One book review per quarter will be required (4 total for the entire school year), and we will cover 2 main pieces of literature in the Fall: Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird and Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter, and four pieces of literature in the Spring: Rand's Anthem, Orwell's Animal Farm, Sophocles's Antigone, and Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew.

Miss Bus's advice: As you can see we have a lot planned for the school year, so come to class prepared (having homework done and materials with you) so we can have a successful school year!

Important Information for Self-Paced Students: In order to move on to the next lesson, take the test, or move on to the next unit you need to obtain a B or better on that particular test/assignment/unit. Anything lower than an 80%, means you will have to retake it until you pass and some of the assignments/tests have alternate materials. Prove to me that you have READ and LEARNED from our novels.

Classroom Expectations

  1. Late work will only be accepted one day after assignment was originally due 
  2. Late work from ‘Unexcused Absences’ will not be accepted. 
  3. Work that will be missed due to field trips, vacations, or planned absences needs to be handed in prior to the student leaving.
  4. Cell phones: listening to music will be allowed during individual reading or writing activities. All other cell phone use will not be allowed and you will receive one warning and after that the phone will be taken and given to Mr. Nichols for a parent to pick up at the end of the day.
  5. Chromebook usage: we will be following the guidelines as set by the handbook that you signed. Any misuse of your chromebook will result in the appropriate consequences in place.
  6. Dress code: I understand there is no air conditioning in the building; however, if you are wearing any inappropriate clothing you will be sent to the locker room to change or to the office to call home for a change of clothes that are more appropriate. This goes for both the guys and gals in the room!!!!