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"Amboy School District is dedicated to enabling its students and community to utilize technology to promote engagement, creativity, and strategies for problem solving that ensure our students are prepared to succeed after graduation.  All learners will gain and utilize essential skills that extend beyond the classroom and foster lifelong learning creating ethical citizens that succeed in an ever-changing, diverse, and global society."


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Amboy Technology Handbook 5-12


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4/21: 1:1 Initiative Approved at Amboy BOE Meeting


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Amie Wiseman
Heather Jurs
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Jessica Nauman
Chas Shields
Mary Jo Zinke
Linda Grady
Amanda Henkel 
Susan Vaessen
Brandon Albrecht
Elizabeth Scriven
Andrew Full
Stacy Gerdes
Joyce Shamberger
Josh Nichols
Bill Spakowski
Aparna Sharma 

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