JAX TAVERN in Forest Park will be the starting line for Amazing Race Cincinnati XXV!!!!!

Jax Tavern will host the starting line for Amazing Race Cincinnati XXV.  Sign ins will begin at 12:00 with the race starting at 2:00.  Come early for lunch as Jax is offering 10% discount for all participants.  See you all on Saturday Aug 27th.

I hope you all had a great summer.  Here is the official announcement opening registration for ARC XXV.   The race will be on August 27th starting at 2:00.  As always the starting line will be announced as we get closer to the date. 
Entry fee will be two fold again this fall.  If you would like sweatshirts the entry fee will be $150, and if you would like t-shirts the entry fee will be $120.  
To enter please email me the following information to amazingracecincinnati@yahoo.com
Team Captain:
Your choice of Sweatshirts or t-shirts
Two cell numbers that you will be using the day of the race: ( you can change these later if needed)
A few potential color choices for your shirts ( no guarantees, but will try)
Whether you will pay the day of the race (cash please) or send a check (1239 Waycross 45240)
While I understand that problems do arise, if a conflict does come up after you have registered please let me know ASAP.  I have been stuck with shirts from teams no showing or canceling the day of/or before the race and would like to minimize the expense of this.  Thanks for help with this.

If you are interested in being a volunteer please let me know what size sweatshirt or t-shirt that you would like and please send me your phone number as well.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to email or call me 513-515-0596.  Please feel free to forward this on to anyone that you think might be interested and if you would like me to remove you from the list please let me know as well.  As always check the website (amazingracecincinnati.com) to confirm that you are registered once you send me your information.    Thanks Jeff Merrill

The starting line for Amazing Race Cincinnati will be the Butt Shack BBQ in Greenhills.   The race will begin at 2:00.  Sign in starts at 12:00.  Come early for lunch and some terrific smoked meats. 
It's been more than 5 years since we had a team go back to back.  Can team Rump change that???  Will we get a rookie team to break through and capture the gold???  These are a couple of questions that will be answered on June 7th.  Registration is still going on for A.R.C. XXII.  To enter email team captain, two cell numbers and shirt sizes to amazingracecincinnati@yahoo.com  Starting line info will be sent out as we get closer to race date.
 After several top ten finishes Team Rump finally breaks through and claims their first Amazing Race Cincinnati championship.  Unbelievable team JJ Paoletti finishes second yet again.  Rounding out the top five; in third, the defending champions Team Just, in fourth last falls champion Team Leirer, and in fifth Team Meyer.  It was a great day weather wise.  Many teams struggled to bounce the ball in basket at Cameron Park, however the biggest struggle seemed to come in finding Ray Combs Park.  Thanks again go out to all of the support staff that make the race so successful.  Also a shout out to all the bars that hosted stops along the race: Bargos, Win Place or Show, Eli's Liberty Twp.  Mutt's bar and grill, Doghouse Saloon, McKinley's Pub and DJ Tavern.  Amazing Race Cincinnati XXII will be on June 7th starting at 2:00.  Pictures will be added to the links below very soon.
Like they didn't get enough basketball at Cameron Park?????
Figs anyone?????
 Team Just wins Amazing Race Cincinnati XX. 
Four minutes was all that separated Team Just and runner up Team JJ Paoletti.  All teams finished within an hour of the leaders for the overall closet race in over ten races.  Special thanks to the following bars that sponsored the race:  Champions Bar and Grill, Diamond Debbies, Main Entrance, Findlay Market, Heid's Lane, Dollar Bills, and our finish line The Public House.
Thanks again to all teams that participated in the race.  Look forward to seeing you all in the fall.
Amazing Race XXI Will be on November 2nd 2013, with Bargos Bar and Grill hosting the starting line.  We will begin at 1:00.  Sign in will begin at 11:30.  Can team Just repeat as champs or will t eam JJ Paoletti finally come out on top.  Will we have our first rookie team champion since Team Hansen in race V?  Good luck to all teams on Saturday. 
Team Leirer wins Amazing Race Cincinnati XIX. 
After many near victories and great races, team Leirer breaks through to win their first ARC. 
Amazing Race XIX will be on October 27th.  In a new twist for this race, teams will be racing in costumes.  The race will begin at 1:00.  I will be there to start registering teams at 11:30ish.  Come early and get some lunch and begin the smack talk.  Can't wait to see you all of the great costumes.
To enter please email amazingracecincinnati@yahoo.com
 and provide a team captain with a cell phone contact.  Look forward to seeing you on the 27th.
Team Gagnon wins A.R.C. XVIII!!!!!!  After several near victories, team Gagnon finally gets the monkey of their back and gets it done.   A special thanks to Mike Caster and his staff at Spoils Field for a great time at the finish line.  A big shout out to Cancun Mexican Bar and Grill who did a fantastic job hosting our starting line.  McCoys was awesome hosting the pit stop and thanks to The Boulevard, Average Joes, and McDogs for hosting stops.
Cancun Mexican Bar and Grill will be the host for A.R.C. XVIII.  It is located at 11997 Chase Plaza in Forest Park, right next to the cracker barrell.  The race is June 2nd starting at 2:00.  Check in starts at 12:30.  I do have a few sets of shirts available.  First come first serve to grab the remaining few openings.
Amazing Race Cincinnati XVII is fast approaching.  Race XVII will be on October 8th starting at 1:00.  The Holy Grail downtonw will be the starting line.  We have 42 teams racing for the title.  With no team Westbrock and no team Feeley, does this give Walsh and Ledgerwood a huge advantage, or will one of the rookie teams rise up and snatch the crown?   Mother Nature looks like she will be cooperating once again.  All signs point to another great outing.  One side note, all teams need to bring with them some device that will be able to take pictures.
After finishing in the top 5 four out of the last five years, Team Ledgerwood finally breaks through to claim the title.  Coming from 22nd place early in the race to second at the pit.  They used a near perfect second half to seal a ten minute victory.  In their first race together Team Just had an impressive second place finish.  Rounding out the top five were Teams Gagnon, Feeley and Baker.
With only one minor hiccup this was one of the most succesful races to date.  Thanks for everyones patience and participation.  Amazing Race Cincinnati XVII will be Oct 8th starting at 1:00.  Please check back for further details.  I hope all can return.
                                           Bill Mallard looking FAAAAbulous!!!!!!
                                                             Fossils anyone????????????
                                      Who knew tossing pennies could be so tough????
The Kenwood Buffalo Wild Wings will be hosting the starting line for Amazing Race Cincinnati XVI.  We have a record high 51 teams competing for the title.  Can team Walsh give us our first back to back champion since Team Westbrock did it in fall of 2008?  Can we get another rookie team to shine and outrace the pack?  Hopefully Mother Nature will be kind to us once again.  Regardless it will be a great time.
What is Amazing Race Cincinnati???  Please check the link at the bottom of the page.
Please check back here for more information.
 Team Walsh wins Amazing Race Cincinnati XV!!!!!!!!
For the first time since the fall of 2005 we had a rookie team win Amazing Race Cincinnati.  Team Walsh came from as far down as 29th to storm back for the title.  They had to hold of a pesky team Feeley who also made a second half run and finish 3 minutes behind the leaders.  As many as ten teams were still very much alive at Ohio Valley Antique Mall before Team Walsh and Feeley found the last items and made a break for the finish line.  Team Gagnon finished an impressive third 10 minutes off the pace.  Last years runner up Team Ledgerwood finished fourth.  Team Doan was fifth and Team Sievers was sixth to round out the top places.
The inability to throw a ring around a 2 liter pop was costly to some, but who knew bowling a strike would be so tough.  Getting lost in the woods cost a few teams some valuable minutes as well. 
The weather was once again perfect.  Thanks Mother Nature!!!!  A great big shout out to all my volunteers that made this race the tremendous time that it was.  It couldn't happen without you.  A special thanks to the following buisness for their support and donations.  Buffalo Wild Wings Union Center, Debbie's Destiny, Godfathers, Papa Dino's, T. D. Tavern, Stumble Inn, Ohio Valley Antique Mall, and our finish line Rascal's.
The link for the photos are towards the bottom of this column.
For a brief overview of the race or info how to enter please see the link below or for additional information please email Jeff Merrill at amazingracecincinnati@yahoo.com
After a little lightning delay at Whitewater Forest, teams surged out of the pack to stake their claim atop the leader board.  However Team Westbrock flew ahead at the black covered bridge and never looked back, as they claimed the title of A.R.C. XIV.  It is the fourth title for team Westbrock but their first since Fall of 2008.  Team Doan, with a police escort to the black covered bridge, held a 15 minute lead on the field but could not sustain their edge and drifted to finish eighth. Team K. Ledgerwood edged Team S. Ledgerwood by mere seconds to finish second and third respectively.  Team Feeley, seven time champions, finished fourth and Team C. Figart finish fifth to round out the top five.  It was the largest race as we ended up with 33 teams at the finish line.  The black covered bridge seemed to be the most challenging location of the day as 21 teams spent much time together looking for their clue. We had our furthest competitor to date, as Amanda joined us, hailing from Australia.   Congrats to all teams on another great race.  Final order of finish and additional photos will be posted soon.
Many thanks to the following locations for their support and donations as stops along the way: Sports Depot (starting line), Kiatta Saloon, Indian Creek Tavern, Brick Street (pit stop), Hitching Post, Major Leagues, Oaxaca Sports Grille, and of course Top Shelf (Finish Line). 
Amazing Race Cincinnati XV will be sometime in the fall.  Stayed tuned for more details.
Gagnon and Feeley.  A little too happy with second and third.
Amazing Race Cincinnati XIII has crowned a new champion.  Coming from as far back as 14th, and from 4th at the pit stop, Team Henson raced to their first ever championship in three attempts.  Team Becker, formerly team Caster, came with another strong showing, finishing second.  This was their highest finish.  Was racing without Caster the key???  Rounding out the top five were Team Ledgerwood in third, Team Feeley in 4th and Team Justice fifth.   The complete order of finish is listed to the right.  This was the largest race to date with all 30 teams finishing.  We had our oldest team racing- Team Brueshaber, who was 57 and 54 years young.  We also had our first birthday racer- Happy Birthday Clem.
The top of the Carew Tower seemed to be the most challenging task of the day.  Who knew finding people in the distance could be so difficult.  Those that took to the stairs, I am sure are still feeling the burn.  The wind played a little havoc with the big frisbee and penny drop.  Rick at Liars club cooked up some mean burgers and dogs.  Overall a great day and race was had by all and Mother Nature once again gave us another great day to race. 
Thanks again go out to the following bars/restaurants for hosting a stop: Rusty Bucket Corner Tavern(starting line), Carew Tower, Submarine Galley, Liars Club (Pit Stop), 915 Bar and Grill, Duck Creek Country Club, London Bridge and Mulligans( Finish Line).
 Race XII Recap:
Team Feeley bounced back with a vengence in Amazing Race Cincinnati.  After disappointing finishes in Race 10 and 11 Team Feeley used a quick start and pulled away late from Team Westbrock  to return to the top of the heap.  Team Westbrock, who was looking for the first ever three peat, finished in second place.  Team Burke who was fourth at the pit stop put on a late charge but finished third, less than 15 minutes off the pace.  Rounding out the top five was Team Lierer aka Team Pinkie (HOLLA) and finishing in fifth was our leading rookie team in team Kloth.
For the first time since the early races all 26 teams that started, finished the race.  There was a lot of jockying for position as teams flip flop places throughout  the race.  In many case mere seconds seperated teams at the finish line.
A special thanks to all my workers that continually do an outstanding job, and keep making this a better event race after race.  Also thanks to the buisnesses that allowed us to use their facilities and those that donated gift certificates. McKluskey Cheverolet, Casey D's Tavern, The Blind Moose, Eli's sports bar, The Train Stop, Buffalo Wild Wings- Harpers Station, McCauley's Tavern, and The Finish Line Bar 71.
AMAZING RACE CINCINNATI XIII will be on Saturday October 17th.  Time and starting line is the Rusty Bucket Corner Tavern.
For a brief overview of the race see the link below or for additional information please email Jeff Merrill at amazingracecincinnati@yahoo.com
 To see pictures on previous races, go to:
If anyone has photos from races 1 and 2 please let me know.
Congrats to Team Meyer race XXIII and XXIV

 Race XXIII and Race XXIV Champions:
Spring 2014- Finish Line Show Me's
Fall 2014 - Finish Line Diggs Sports Bar 
Corie Meyer, Casey Hitz, Jessica Robb, Rachel Westerbeck
Past Champions: 

Race XXII Champions:
Spring 2014- Finish Line Century Inn
Stephanie O' Hara, Joe Clark, JJ Paoletti, Dave Gillespie
Fall 2013- Finish Line DJ's Tavern
David Liedhegner, Joe Brunner, Scott Ross, and Greg Rump
Race XX Champions Summer 2013- Finish Line- The Public House 
Ben Just , Renee Just, Nick Shell, Heather Hubbard
Race XIX Champions Fall 2012- Finish Line- Thirsty's Bar and Grill
Keith Ledgerwood, Matthew Jessup, Melissa Lierer, Carrie Jessup 
RACE XVIII Spring 2012-Finish Line Spoils Field
John Breig, Eric Gagnon, Jeremy Patterson
Chad Gagnon
RACE XVII Fall 2011- Finish Line Holy Grail
Brett Kisella, Joe Walsh, Bryan Christ, Scott Anderson
 RACE  XVI Spring 2011- Finish Line: Willies Kenwood
Stephanie Ledgerwood, Keith Ledgerwood, Mark League
John (J.J.) Bradley
RACE XV FALL 2010- Finish Line: Rascals
 Brett Kisella, Joe Walsh, Bryan Christ, Scott Andersen
                                            RACE XIV SPRING 2010 -Finish line: Top Shelf
Brian Cootway, Nancy Westbrock, Tim Westbrock,
Mike Hudak
RACE XIII FALL 2009-Finish line: Mulligans
Diane Henson, Brian Henson, Debbie Roll, Kevin Roll
                RACE XII SPRING 2009-Finish line: Bar 71
Joe Feeley, Brian Hazelwood, Jim McKee and Greg Niemeyer
RACE XI FALL 2008- Finish line: Coach's Corner
Tim Westbrock, Nancy Westbrock, Mike Hudak, Brian Cootway
RACE X SUMMER 2008- Finish line: J Taps
Tim Westbrock, Nancy Westbrock, Nancy Hudak, Mike Hudak
RACE IX FALL 2007- Finish line: Wiskey Willies
Joe Feeley, Brian Hazelwood, Jim McKee, Greg Niemeyer
RACE VIII Summer 2007- Finish Line: Lucky Dog
Tim Westbrock, Nancy Westbrock, Mike Hudak, Nancy Hudak
RACE VII Fall 2006 - Finish Line: Rhinos Eastgate
Joe Feeley, Mike Dunn, Brian Hazelwood, Joe Walsh
RACE VI Summer 2006 - Finish Line: Beer Seller
Joe Feeley, Greg Niemeyer, Brian Hazelwood, Jim Mckee
RACE V Fall 2005 - Finish Line: Forest Park BW3
Erica Schulz, Chris Hansen, Holly Tumbleson, Josh Ross
RACE IV Spring 2005 - Finish Line: Holy Grail
Joe Feeley, Greg Niemeyer, Jim Mckee, Mike Dunn
RACE III Spring 2004 - Finish Line: Bargos
Joe Feeley, Jim Mckee, Mike Dunn, Greg Niemeyer
RACE II Summer 2003 - Finish Line: Dana's Tavern
Jim Goodman, Denny Howard, Bob Daniels, Josh Lyons
RACE I Summer 2002 - Finish Line: Union Center BW3
Joe Feeley, Jen Feeley, Dave Johnson, Nicole Johnson
Clem taking the easy way out!!!!!!
Westbrock and Hudak trying to catch up!!