About the Artist: James Maxwell

posted Mar 29, 2010, 7:48 AM by James Maxwell   [ updated Mar 31, 2010, 8:59 PM ]
The following interview appeared on the Cavalier Daily's Comics
page as part of the recurring "About the Artist" segment.  

Why did you choose your comic's title?

A: "Amazing But True" is an apt title for an educational segment whose veritable facts produce incredulity and astonishment.  Also, as any 
fan of anagrams can see, these letters also spell "Amazing Butt 
Rue," which is a type of bowel movement which I have filed paperwork 
to secure in a  patent.

Q:  Where do you usually draw inspiration for your comics? 

A:  Since 2000, I have been a student of the greatest University ever conceived, in a city that rivals London, Paris and New York; thus my inspiration is all around me.  I have such a great trove of factual jewels about our dear University, I cannot help but share them.  In fact, you will find most of the information on the Wikipedia was contributed by myself under countless and sundry pseudonyms.

Q:  What comics did you read growing up?

A:  This is the third question regarding my "comic," and this last error I cannot allow to pass.  Although "Amazing But True" is published on the comics page, it sits on the right side, with the horoscope and 
crossword.  This should be suggestion enough to show that this 
is a work apart, of great gravity and factual calibre.  Like the 
horoscope.  To answer the question, I read all the great comedies as a 
child: the "Lysistrata," "Eunuchus," "Much Ado about Nothing," "Le 
Misanthrope" and "Calvin and Hobbes."