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Amax Electrical pty ltd contractors licence # 70276 is a family owned and operated Electrical business with over 25 years experience providing a range of services to both domestic and commercial customers in South East Queensland.

Amax Electrical, Is a family business since 1988 and  has completed over 1800 domestic PV  installations and many large commercial Solar PV installations a selection of which include:

 144kW – Government building (North Lakes)

84kW – Brisbane City Council waste transfer stations

60kW – Government building (Sunshine Coast)

54kW – Gardening supplies company

54kW – School (Kedron)

100kw- Cairns Aged Care Facility

84kw- School Clayfield

30kw- Charity Org Adelaide.

For all inquiries please contact our Customer Services department on:

 0418 730 054