Promethean Activinspire Training and Resources for Teachers


There is no better resource than Promethean Planet for tips, flipcharts, and creative ideas for using Inspire.

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There is even a My Planet App for the iPhone.

Check out the  technology resource pages created for the teachers of Fredrick County Public Schools (Maryland)

McTeach, the CTK seventh grade teacher, has created a portaportal.com site with great resources for teaching. Visit her page for more ideas and tips for Promethean Activboards as well as great links to resources in all subject areas.

For more Web 2.0 Tools check out my Live Binder

For information on local events and even more resources, visit Theresa Gabor's Wiki.

Any interactive site can be used to engage students using the Activboard. Teachers and students love BrainPop and I fell in love with eChalk a highly interactive site from Great Britian.
Another great Live Binder of Interactive websites.


Engaging Students with Interactive Technologies

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