Adding Pizzazz to Google Sites
Anna Massi - Google Certified Trainer

Are you bored with Google Sites standard themes? Do you want to add personal touches and pizzazz to your classroom site or portfolios? Do you need to create a customized template for your students e-portfolios? This session will show you the basics of adding simple customizations to Google Sites using the Site Layout and Colors and Font tools. Learn to add banners, background images, horizontal navigation, and change default colors and fonts without knowing any html.

The purpose of the session is to provide a look at the tools in Google Sites that allow for unique customizations. The session will take the you through the settings found in the Colors and Fonts and Edit Layout sections of sites that can be used to create a unique, personalized look. In the workshop session, hands-on time will be provided and additional tools may be explored as the need of the participants requires.

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Cue Workshops - Adding Pizzazz to Google Sites

Using the Colors and Fonts and the Layout Tools, you can transform a simple Google theme to a more intresting site. In this example, the Lavender Panel theme is transformed to reflect the sites of San Francisco.