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YOUR Career Development is Valued, it's for this reason that a number of workshops are offered for personal development. We also offer e-coaching for individuals in transition.

We provide a variety of career/job search services for schools, private institutions and universities in Singapore.  We have partnered with Sandbox Advisors based in Singapore, the pioneer of comprehensive Career and HR Advisory. Our workshops are research-based, practical, active and engaging. They are structured to engage the students in the learning process and to ensure internalization of the principles introduced, and to encourage independent learning.  More information on our collaborated workshops:  (Click for more information).

Listed below is a synopsis of the other career workshops that are frequently run at the Career Resource Center for Excellence, a program run by the American Association of Singapore (non-profit organization).   These workshops focus on creating a seamless transition into the workforce specifically for expatriate trailing talent of all nationalities, US Military and the US Embassy personnel in Singapore.  For more information, visit: (See Calendar).

Also Better Questions Licensed Trainer in Singapore (Click for more information).

Hire a Career Coach: Listed on Mums@work Singapore site: (Click for more information).



A Synopsis - Workshops in Singapore & Around the Region:

Cross-Cultural Skills Training

Working among as many cultures as there are in Singapore and regional countries can present some interesting intercultural challenges in communication, team management, business protocol negotiations and conducting business on a day-to-day basis.  This session will identify common challenges encountered in cross-cultural business encounters and offers suggestions for resolving them.  These sessions are often offered to individuals or small groups and specially tailored to the cultural context of the business person and the context they are working in SouthEast Asia.  These workshops are customised to corporate/individual requirements. 

Jump Start Your Job Search

It has been said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. In this workshop, we will share with you strategies to conduct a strategic and well organized job search and help you take the first step.   With each transition there is an opportunity to learn a great deal about our inner coping resources and mechanisms.   

Ace Your Interview (Corporate and/or Individual)

You have been invited for an interview - How will the interviewers be assessing your suitability for the role?  What are the key drivers to a successful interview?  Equip yourself with the interview skills to create a lasting impression during an interview.  You will be introduced to behaviour-based interviewing questions,  situational interviewing questions and other out-of-the-box questions. Find out what Employers ask?  Find out what to ask Employees? 

Create an Effective Resume and Get Noticed

Do you know what your resume is missing that will set itself apart from the others? Your resume is your stepping-stone to an interview.  Learn to structure your resume with clarity to enhance your brand to prospective employers.  Gain useful tips on the do's and don'ts of resume writing.  

For other customised workshops on Personal/Team/Group/Corporate Development & Training aspects, please contact us for a host of further seminars that are also conducted. 

Corporate and Individual Coaching Focus Areas:

  • Life (Work-life balance, self-fulfilment, set achievable goals)
  • Career (Job seeker, new transitions, resume, interviews, job search strategy)
  • Spiritual (Take control of your life, find your life purpose, self-actualisation)
  • Cross-cultural (Understand the dynamics in communication)
  • Executive/Team/Group/NeuroLeadership

DISC Self-Assessment Tool to determine your Behavioural Profile:
Based on the work of Dr. William Moulton Marston. In 1928 he published a book, The Emotions of Normal People, in which he described the theory we use today. According to Dr. Marston, “All people exhibit all four behavioural factors in varying degrees of intensity.” The profile is designed to accurately measure the four dimensions of normal behaviour:

D Dominance—Challenge 
How you respond to problems or challenges
I Influence—Contacts 
How you influence others to your point of view.
S Steadiness—Consistency 
How you respond to the pace of the environment.
C Compliance—Constraints 
How you respond to rules and procedures set by others.

Its validity has been scientifically tested. It provides an individual with a report outlining insights and information on specific graphs, including:
  • Work Environment
  • Adapted and Natural Behaviour
  • General Characteristics
  • Key Strengths
  • Tendencies
  • Improving Effectiveness
  • Words That Don’t Work
  • Keys to Adapting Effective Communications

To attend Alka's workshops, please register with the Career Resource Center for Expatriates, Singapore.  CRCE offers invaluable services to expatriates seeking job opportunities in Singapore through job listings and workshops. We help Permanent Residents, dependant pass holders and long-term social visit pass holders, of all nationalities explore employment opportunities in Singapore.

Employers can take advantage of the talents, skills and experience of expats. CRCE links employers and candidates through a web-based job listing service Career Resource Centre for Excellence in Singapore.

Alka Chandiramani is a multi-lingual and experienced human resources (HR) practitioner with over 20+ years of HR and legal experience. Extensive experience in the HR arena which includes a full spectrum of HR functions including regional roles and has executed Global HR programs/initiatives to ensure compliance within the region.   She has been the Manager of the Career Resource Centre for Excellence (CRCE) in Singapore since April 2008.  CRCE offers invaluable services to expatriates seeking job opportunities in Singapore through job listings and workshops. She has facilitated over 200+ career coaching and job search related workshops at CRCE, high schools and universities in Singapore.  She has also successfully coached individual clients in transition.  Prior to this she worked with multinational companies, legal firms and schools throughout Hong Kong.

Received the Master of Arts in Human Resource Management from the Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia; Diploma in Law from The University of Hong Kong in conjunction with the Institute of Legal Executives (U.K.); and Diploma in Education Studies and Child Psychology & Certificate in Learning Disorders Management and Language Development from the Linguistic Council in Singapore.  Accredited Career Coach, Interview Professional and Resume Writer with PARW/CC; Certified Job & Career Transition Coach and Certified Job & Career Development Coach.  She is also an Accredited Behavioural & Career Consultant and Advanced Behavioural Analyst in DISC Assessment.  Results Certified Coach (RCC, NeuroLeadership Group) & ICF Accredited Coach. Completed a Certificate in the Foundations of Neuroleadership & Coaching with the Leadership Challenge utilising the Leadership Practices Inventory 360.  In addition, pursuing her Executive Masters in NeuroLeadership.


Compensation and Benefits, International Relocations & Expatriate Management Employee Relations, Recruitment & Selection, Career Coach/Counsellor, Training/Learning & Development, Employment Law

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Professional Member of the Singapore Human Resources Institute; Member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coach; Member of the Singapore Institute of Management; Careers Development International and Member of the International Coach Federation: http://www.icfsingapore.org/members.htm.