My name is Ms. Sheshadri and I'm your English teacher!

You can use this site to help you plan AP essays, get caught up on assignments or class notes, or schedule a tutorial.

Maximum schmoozing, I tell you.

I am (in no particular order):

  • A graduate of UT Austin (2012, Classics, Linguistics, and Plan II)
    • Basically, I like old, dusty, ancient stuff written in old, dusty languages.
  • A graduate of Rice University (2014, Masters of Arts in Teaching)
  • A dog fanatic. All dogs are good dogs.
  • A trivia geek (with Jeopardy! street cred!)
  • A unrepentant book nerd
  • An aspiring novelist (#NaNoWriMo)
  • A hobbyist musician (piano, voice, guitar)
  • Unsure of what else to put on this list

Contact Information: