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Project Annoucements

Release 2.5

posted by Mandy Sladden

Our mini release is finally out to widget users world wide with great feedback already. Take a look at some of the kind words on TechCrunch.

Statement of Direction

posted by Mandy Sladden

I have added to our statement of direction after our offsite last week - I think we should all be very proud of our road map and the challenges we have set for ourselves - now its time to execute! :)

Martin Luther King Jr.

posted by Mandy Sladden

Don't forget that we have Martin Luther King Jr. day as a company holiday. That means you will need to get your code in before the end of the day on Friday. We hope you take the time to remember Dr. King.

Team Offsite

posted by Mandy Sladden   [ updated Feb 19, 2008, 2:58 PM ]

Thanks to everyone who participated in the offsite last week - I was extremely impressed with the presentations and all of your brilliant ideas. I put up the presentations that were given for those of you that missed the event. I have also included the highlevel deck here.  I will be updating our statement of direction with our thoughts for the year gathered from both of the breakout sessions.

We plan to make this a yearly event so feedback is always welcome.

thanks again!!

Offiste at the Mountain Winery

posted by Mandy Sladden

We have decided to have the offsite at the Mountain Winery (thanks for the feedback). Please be there on time and ready to rock and roll!

More information >

Upcoming Team Offsite

posted by Mandy Sladden

Hi team - its that time of the year where we should all put our design heads together and plan out our roadmap for the upcoming year. Please make sure that you let me know if you can attend this year - and give me a heads up on what location you think would be best.

Here are some options:
  • Lanai Garden Inn and Suites in San Jose
  • Sheraton Palo Alto
  • Mountain Winery in Saratoga
Here is a map with the locations in case that helps your decision.

Project Eggplant has a new look

posted by Mandy Sladden

Thanks to Joseph for theming the site ... I love the new colors. Maybe we should think about changing it each release (its just a simple click!)

Welcome to our new Google Site

posted by Mandy Sladden

Hooray we are finally taking advantage of Google Sites for project Eggplant. All of you have access to update and add information so get to it. Also please make sure that you subscribe to changes for the site - its a great way to keep up to date with what your teammates are doing. Please take a minute to add yourself to the Team Page and start to put all of your designs in this single location!

Thanks Google!

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