Language Arts

So….What IS a Language Arts class all about, anyway?  Language Arts is more than your parents’ English class.  The program at Altoona-Midway is comprised of reading, writing, speaking, listening, rhetoric, discourse, analysis, research, and critical thinking. 


And….um…..what exactly does THAT mean?  It means that students will be learning some very cool things that are aligned with statewide standards.  They will be able to cite textual evidence, analyze literature, increase their vocabulary, create and write some amazing essays and papers.  Don’t worry, it will help them in their everyday life – I promise.


The intent of the language arts program at AMMS/ AMHS is to empower students in their use of

language to understand and investigate themselves, others, the environment.  This involves developing

students’  awareness of language purposes, their knowledge of the language elements and processes

through which meaning is created, and their ability to evaluate meaning from different points of view. 

It involves providing students with explicitly guided practice so they internalize more complex,

sophisticated strategies as habits of mind.  It involves students’ reflective practice to recognize and value

intricacies and idiosyncrasies of language meaning and effect.  This use of language helps to interpret

and connect with the world and to develop their sense of civic responsibility within it.  



Basically, all of the Language Arts/ English courses will involve the same areas of study.  All classes will involve the following units: short stories, poetry, media discourse and criticism (analyze movies, speeches, & such), drama/ theatre, novels, social commentary, community involvement/resource and survival and life skills.

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