Directions for selecting sessions:
  1. You may begin signing up Friday, September 23rd through midnight on September 28th.
  2. Utilize both the Sessions at a Glance and Session Details to select the sessions you wish to sign up for. Make note of multiple offerings of the same topic if a session fills up.
  3. Click on the tabs above to begin signing up for the 5 sessions.
  4. Make sure to pay attention to the sessions that are double.
  5. Make sure you sign up for a PARCC Data Walk Session.
  6. All 5th-grade teachers must sign up for Intro to 5th Grade Math Teams during Session One.  It is #14 on the choices.
  7. Each session has a limit; if the session is full , you will see "This session is full, please choose another" in place of the session title.
  8. Some sessions are for specific groups or individuals. If you are unsure if you fall into one of those categories, please ask your administrator.

Click below to open Sessions at a Glance.
This will provide you with a snapshot of what is being offered 
during each session

Click below to open a detailed description, with location and number of sessions provided for each session based on the category each falls under. 

Click on the image below for a Map of the High School to help you find the location of your sessions.