Freshman Year

Welcome! Freshman year is a year of adjustment with exposure to a new building, new people, and new expectations.  The first few months are all about getting to know your new surroundings and working with the staff at Alton High School.  We are here to help you make the adjustment. 



  • Tryouts begin for fall sports.  Check the Athletic Department website for dates.  Make sure you have an updated physical in order to participate.

  • Attend Registration Week.  Final schedules will be distributed at this time.  Students will also be able to pick up a Chromebook, get the Yearbook Picture taken, and obtain their agenda and student ID.

  • Attend Orientation. Orientation information will be posted to the Guidance website.  This orientation is a time to become familiar with where your classes are located, find your locker and get the general layout of the building.

  • Read the Student Handbook.

  • Develop relationships with your guidance counselor and teachers.
  • Build a flexible schedule allowing for study time, extracurricular activities, and your other interests. Use a day planner, calendar or electronic organizer to help keep you organized.

  • Become part of your school and community with meaningful extra-curricular activities that you enjoy: clubs, work, sports, and volunteering are all worthwhile activities that will help you become a well rounded individual. 

  • Begin looking into Community Service opportunities.  
  • Become familiar and adept at using the Skyward login to access grades and attendance.  


  • Stay up to date on the assignments in your classes.  End of first quarter is in October.  Make sure all missing work is turned in as well as made up tests and quizzes.

  • Remember that it is your responsibility to do well in your classes.

  • Develop good study habits, including asking for help when it is needed.

  • Earn the best grades you can.


  • Read, even when not assigned for school, on a regular basis.

  • Organize your notes, tests and quizzes for your finals. 
  • Study and get plenty of sleep prior to finals to finish as strongly as you can.


  • Continue to earn the best grades you can.  Meet with teachers regularly.  They are here to help you.
  • Winter brings colds and sickness.  Make sure to wash your hands and miss as little of school as possible.
  • Course Selection process begins for the following year.


  • Incoming freshmen will walk through the registration process with Mrs. Smith.  Teachers will begin a course recommendation process that continues until the end of the year. 
  • Current freshmen moving on towards sophomore year will begin course planning with his or her sophomore counselor.  
  • Obtain honors permission signatures from teachers and discuss course selections with parents.
  • Evaluate your course selections to make sure they meet college requirements.  Talk to your guidance counselor and teachers to make sure you are taking the most challenging but realistic courses you can.


  • Continue to work hard in all of your classes.  Turn in all work on time and study for tests and quizzes.
  • Summer school will be available towards the middle of May.  Sign up for Summer School classes in the guidance office.
  • Find out about summer jobs and how to gain the skills necessary to obtain one.
  • A work permit can be obtained by contacting the AHS main office secretary for an application.  Parents of students aged 14 -15 need to complete an application and then the form needs to be given to the student's doctor for completion and signature. A work permit cannot be obtained before being hired.
  • Gather all materials to study and prepare for finals.